How are your minutes measured?

Once a call is connected your minutes begin accumulating, and cease accumulating when the call disconnects. Every plan has a specified number of minutes per month. If you desire to change the size of your plan or are a new customer, click here to access our plans and pricing page.

1-888-GO-ANSWER! bills in one second intervals. We charge for live receptionist minutes, as well as, summary and disconnection minutes.

Live Receptionist Minutes: The amount of minutes the receptionist is occupied with a customer during a telephone call.

Summary: Additional steps the receptionist must conclude after the call is completed. For example, emailing, setting up an appointment, or finalizing a form field.

Disconnection Minutes: The time difference between the caller disconnecting their line and the call center disconnecting their line.

Call patching is free of charge and automated minutes are charged at $0.15/minute. Voicemail greeting/talk time and front end IVR are categorized as automation. The amount of time a customer holds or ring time will not be charged. Charging commences when the receptionist answers the call.

Last modified: December 30, 1979