How to personalize your call scripts?

Although, our receptionists are receiving scripted directions doesn't mean that the script shouldn't represent your company. 1-888-GO-ANSWER!'s calls usually follow 7 basic prompts, so take the time to personalize each prompt with your company's unique touch.

  1. Opening Greeting
    How do you want your customer's to be greeted? Ensure you include your company's name and/or a slogan that's recognizable to your company.

  2. Follow up Greeting or Backup Procedure
    After a customer asks a question, make sure you provide us with specific FAQs. This will help our receptionists resolve any customer issues and be well-educated on your company's goals.

  3. Backup Procedure
    This is when the answer to a customer's question is not on the script. Give us the employees names and closing statement you would like us to say before patching the call to you.

  4. Transitional Statement
    During this stage our receptionist will ask what the message is regarding and if they mind be put on hold.

  5. Final Statement or After Hours
    Final Statement- This is where we thank the customer for calling your company and get ready to transfer the call. In the closing statement we recommend repeating your company's name.

  6. After Hours
    Statement our receptionists will say if your office is closed and we have to take a message.

  7. Transfer
    Provide us with personalized music or a message to play when a customer is on hold.

Last modified: December 30, 1979