What is the "Backup procedure" and why do I need it in my script?

During programing you will develop a script that will mimic what the 1-888-GO-ANSWER! receptionists will say when answering calls for your company. However, if a question comes up that isn't listed on your script, the "Backup Procedure" will ensure that the call continues smoothly without having the issue of dissatisfied customers. The "Backup Procedure" will be an additional scripted response that the receptionist will use to take a message or patch a call if they cannot handle a specific question.

For Example:

Caller: (Asks question that is not listed on script)

"Backup Procedure in Use":

Receptionist: Thank you for calling (Company's name), unfortunately, the information you are looking for is unavailable now, but what is your information so I can relay your message to the appropriate personnel.

If you feel that receptionists are frequently patching calls or using the "Backup Procedure" consider adding additional information to your script.

Last modified: December 30, 1979