How do I change my call plan?

Picking the perfect plan is dependent on the call volume of a company. Although, call volume stays relatively consistent, you may conclude your call plan is too small or too large for your company's needs. However, don't worry changing your existing plan is very simple! At any time during the billing cycle, you can adjust your plan. Since we charge in payments, we will gladly adjust your account to correspond to your newly selected plan. By selecting the right plan for your company's needs, you will save big on overage charges!

Increasing your minutes:

When increasing your minutes for the current month, you will receive a new invoice which corresponds with the new plan's rate. The new invoice will deduct the prepaid lower base rate from the previous month's bill.

Decreasing your minutes:

When decreasing your minutes, you will receive an invoice crediting you for the higher plan base rate, which was paid in the previous month. The credit will be applied to future invoices until the credit is spent.

If you have more questions concerning how changing your plan will affect your invoice, please contact us:

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Last modified: December 30, 1979